Testimonials & Videos

Testimonial from Tamar and Saul El-Or, New Market, MD

Shiloh the dog


As a matter of fact, Sue Coppola saved our lives.   We started training our 7 weeks old Great Dane puppy with a different trainer, but after 3 weeks, we realized that he was turning from a sweet loving puppy to a frustrated/aggressive one.   Our whole lives we have had dogs, but now we started doubting our ability to be the “parents” of one, at all.

Then my wife called Sue. After only 1 hour of talking with her (just to get to know each other, not training), we implemented some of Sue’s suggestions and already that evening looked like a bright day after a long night! Shiloh’s behavior (and ours) changed completely! Sue, professionally is outstanding! She is knowledgeable (only like a trainer of 25 years for the police dogs can be!), punctual and flexible.   As a person she is amazing, relaxed, courteous, with a huge wonderful heart and great sense of humor.  We love Sue and could never thank her enough for all she has done for us!!!!

Testimonial from Dick and Linda Shaff, Frederick, MD



Sue Coppola is a miracle worker! Before Sue began training our dog, we had a one year old yellow lab who was pretty much out of control. Mandi would come to us only when she wanted to; ran crazily through the house; would pick up everything in the yard, including mulch in the flower beds, and wouldn’t drop it; jumped up on us; pulled on the leash when we tried to walk her; lunged at people and other dogs; refused to be brushed; and basically wouldn’t listen to us at all most of the time. We were at the point where it was not fun even trying to play with our dog or walk her around the neighborhood or at a park. At our first meeting with Sue, she advised us that within two weeks we would have a well behaved dog. We were skeptical, to say the very least; however, we are skeptics no more! In two weeks Sue transformed our virtually uncontrolled dog into one who now comes; sits; places; heels; leaves it; stays down; drops things; doesn’t jump up on us; and is easily brushed. Not only did Sue train Mandi, she trained us as well – an important component in her training program. We saw real progress from the first day and every day thereafter.

Sue is extremely competent, very patient with both the dog and the owners, and is genuinely a very nice person and easy to work with. Sue’s 10 day in-home training covered not only basic commands, but all the dog-specific problems we had at our house. Sue also took “field trips” with Mandi and us to a local park, filled with people and other dogs, and to a local PetSmart store. Not only did she train, but she also played with Mandi, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole training experience. Thanks to Sue, we now have a sweet, well-controlled dog who is a joy to play with and walk – in general, a great dog to be around. It is hard to believe Mandi is the same dog that Sue started training. We continue to follow Sue’s training tips and Mandi keeps getting better and better! We would wholeheartedly, and without reservation, recommend Sue Coppola to anyone looking for an outstanding dog trainer. Sue is, without a doubt, the best!

Testimonial from Connie Saddler, Chevy Chase, MD



Sue Coppola has restored sanity to our household! We were completely frustrated by the bratty and increasingly unpleasant behavior of our 4 year old Lakeland Terrier, Ghillie. As Ghillie was growing older, she started jumping on visitors, barking incessantly whenever we were talking on the phone, nipping at legs as we got ready to leave the house and barking throughout car trips. The final straw was when she chewed a hole in the leather upholstery in our brand new car — from inside her crate. Sue was recommended to us by someone who had gotten great results with two dogs. Within 10 minutes of meeting Sue and seeing how Ghillie calmed down around her, I was certain that we had found the right dog trainer who would work well with both the dog and the owners. Sue helped Ghillie learn to respect her family members, curb her anxieties and become a dog that other people and other dogs are happy to be around. Most importantly, Sue taught me and my husband how to continue the good progress with Ghillie. Ghillie retains her determined terrier personality, but now we (and she) know how to refocus that energy to acceptable behavior. So much more pleasant for Ghillie and for us. I only wish we had found Sue 4 years ago — she is a delight!

Testimonial from Marlys Gramley, Potomac, MD



Sue Coppola is the dog trainer I wish I’d found in the first place! She is completely tuned in to the mind of dogs, has years of successful hands on experience and possesses that je ne sais quoi that dogs recognize and respond to. Kaspar, now four, became very aggressive around the age of two, anointing himself as ‘guard extraordinaire’ when anyone outside our family approached me or came into our home. I truly feared he was headed for a bad ending. Under Sue’s guidance, Kaspar’s turn-around was immediate – he got it. Sensing from the start that he shouldn’t bully Sue, he seemed to put it all together: “maybe that’s what ‘Mom’ was talking [yelling] about.” Today, Kaspar is much calmer, happier and well behaved. When told ‘it’s OK,’ he shows little indication he even thinks about taking charge. With our dog-human role reversal corrected, I too am much happier! I am so glad I found Sue and will be forever grateful for her successful intervention.

Testimonial from Pascale and Kurt, Bethesda, MD

Thank you from Sasha and Frosty

Thank you from Sasha and Frosty

Sue solved our problems and we are forever grateful. Frosty, our Bichon-Poodle mix, barked at everything and everybody: the mailman, dogs, people with hats, skateboards, wheelchairs, bicycles, even helicopters in the sky. He earned the nickname “Captain A-Hole.” His barking pushed our German Shepherd, Sasha, into protective mode, and her barking frightened many people. Sasha also had fierce “prey drive,” lunging at the squirrels, bunnies, and cats. After Sue outfitted them with the right collars, provided them proper instruction, and educated their owners, the dogs are now model citizens. Everyone is much happier. It’s all sunshine and rainbows now thanks to Sue.

Testimonial from Barbara Ruth, Bethesda, MD

Above is Abbie at the end of her 10 Day In-Home Camp. Proofing her in a high distraction area was huge for Abbie!

“Abbie, our highly energetic German Short-haired Pointer, pulled on the leash, jumped up on visitors to the house, took off out the front door and into the woods without coming back for long periods of time, and just would not listen. Sue Coppola transformed her into a model of good behavior. I can now walk her with or without a leash and she responds to my commands – she heels, sits, lays down, stays, comes, drops things out of her mouth, and more, all on command. Abbie is still the loving, sweet, exuberant dog she always was, but now knows that she has boundaries. I highly recommend Sue Coppola.”

Testimonial from Jodi Bond, NW DC

Above is 7 month old Sugar’s 2 week Board & Train completion video. Sugar had zero previous training.

“Sue, You are our hero and we will be referring you to everyone. Our experience exceeded expectations and there is such a solid foundation to build upon. Sugar is very good at all the sound basics and more calm, including at “sit” “come” “heel” “place” and “quiet”. She appears happy and is a joy. Potty training had improved considerably, and the lapses are clear when we miss the routine in place.”

Before and after video of Raven the American Bulldog

Raven came to Sirius Dog training from Potomac, MD for a 2 week board and train. Raven was a wild, untrained 1 year old bull dog. She now has an obedience foundation for her owners to build on. She learned the basic commands, sit, down, stay, come, heel, place as well as just learning to calm herself down (very difficult for her)!